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Business Consulting

Leadership is more than just hiring the right people and getting members of your team to buy into company goals. When working together, productivity is maximized when the team members commit their mental energy towards your goals.

Human instinct is the power behind our actions. It’s the source of our mental energy. Assessment tools have long been focused on measuring cognitive (IQ) and affective (personality) parts of the mind. While these test tools are helpful in selecting, training and managing people, something has been missing.

Understanding how instincts combine with intelligence and personality will optimize the selection, hiring, deployment, retention and effectiveness of your team members. Assessing and understanding the instinctive methods of each individual will create an environment where everyone is more satisfied and productive in their positions while decreasing stress and tension.

AppliedWisdom utilizes the Kolbe Wisdom™ in all of our business consulting services, such as:

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