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AppliedWisdom, LLC was founded by Mark Hamilton in 2003 as a way of creating wise solutions with experience and knowledge for entrepreneurs, business owners, organizations, teams, and individuals. Mark, a Kolbe Certified™ Master Team Consultant and Kolbe Copper Circle Member, and his team have 50+ years of experience in providing coaching and business consulting solutions.

Success by Kolbe’s definition is the freedom to be yourself. Cultural expectations, stereotypes, and biases often influence the degree to which society provides this freedom. Self-expectations and job requirements also influence success. We offer many liberating choices through selection and hiring services, business consulting, team and personal development, and Kolbe consultations.

Kolbe Wisdom™ allows you to maximize individual and organizational performance by freeing people to utilize their instinctive talent and harnessing that talent in synergistic ways to drive productivity. We customize our consultative solutions to provide a way to develop effective, objective development strategies to achieve your individual, team or company goals. AppliedWisdom works with clients in the United States, Canada and Europe. We look forward to helping you turn your business into a highly synergistic and productive unit.

The following Indexes are a necessary and integral part of the Kolbe Wisdom:

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