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Personal Development

The Talent Within™ for Individuals is a dynamic process that provides an interactive way to explore your natural workings. By analyzing the results of your Kolbe A™ Index, you will be able to identify your instinctive strengths and natural stresses, explore how your strengths play off one another, and determine the most efficient way to communicate and interact with others.

Participants of the Talent Within for Individuals learn positive strategies for trading off individual strengths, taking advantage of individual differences, and making the most of their natural instinctive talent. This allows for maximized efficiency and minimized stress.

We offer sessions that include an online Kolbe A Index, a 13 page Kolbe A Index color report, a 26 page online visual/audio version, a Bottom Lines booklet, interpretation, consultation and coaching.

The Kolbe A Index:

Wouldn’t you love to have just the right words to describe your strengths? The Kolbe A Index provides an easy to understand way to explore “who you are.” You will discover your striving instincts and the actions that you take because of them. You will know in advance what actions you can expect from yourself. You will know how you will perform in teams and how you can be most effective. This gives you greater understanding of your own natural instincts and allows you to begin the process of maximizing your potential. This has nothing to do with ability or personality – just the way you naturally do things. If you have taken other instruments during your career, you will find that the Kolbe A Index is different. It is NOT a test. Have fun; there is no bad or wrong answer…no negative result. This is why organizations around the world have accepted the instrument.

The Kolbe A to A™ Comparison Report:

Wouldn’t you love to know how to reduce potential conflict between you and another person? The Kolbe A to A Comparison Report is designed to provide an analysis of conative strengths for two individuals and shows how to reduce potential for conative conflict. With this report, you can understand your differences and leverage the diversity with an objective assessment which minimizes affect and increases respect. Get a summary of differences, details on those differences, and conable tips on how to work together while still having the freedom to be yourself.

The Kolbe B™ Index:

Wouldn’t you love to eliminate the stress in your current position that is caused by working against your natural talents because that is how you perceive the demands of the job? Now that you have completed the Kolbe A Index, you are ready to complete the Kolbe B Index so we can present that opportunity. The Kolbe B Index measures your own expectations about fulfilling your current job.

Comparisons: A to B™ Report

Wouldn’t you like to know some of the source of your individual stress in your job, and perhaps find a way to eliminate it? This report uses the Kolbe A Index and the Kolbe B Index to identify your conative strain. Conative strain is when a person’s sense or idea of how a task or job needs to be performed is substantially different from his or her natural methods of problem solving. The report will identify the action modes in which this strain occurs, and will give conative tips in helping to reduce this strain.

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