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Team Development

How do you hire people and create teams and organizations that will provide the highest probability of success? The answer is by discovering employees’ natural or instinctive ways of taking action, their truly innate abilities, and understanding how those abilities apply to team participation and the overall effectiveness of your organization.

AppliedWisdom offers several customizable ways to cultivate effective, objective organizational development strategies to achieve your team or company goals.

The Talent Within™ Team Onsite Workshop: This is a dynamic, full-day session (or two half-day sessions) lead by Kolbe Certified™ Master Team Consultant and Kolbe Copper Circle Member Mark Hamilton that provides an interactive way to explore the workings of all team members within your business. By using the Leadership Analytics™, Kolbe A™ Index results, Kolbe B™ Index results, Kolbe C™ Index results and Team Surveys, we will be able to identify each team members’ instinctive strengths and stresses (conflict, strain and tension), explore how each team members’ strengths play off of one another, and assess the probability of current team’s success. We can then create specific action items for increasing individual and team performance while reducing stress and other impediments to success.

The Team Development Solution™: This solution is the best, most comprehensive way to put Kolbe to work for your team. During an intensive 12-month process, Kolbe Certified Master Team Consultant and Kolbe Copper Circle Member Mark Hamilton will lead entrepreneurs, business owners and their teams through an intensive and interactive process to identify the unique vision of their enterprise and help to develop the talent, tools and process to meet their goals. Mark will spend up to four separate full-day sessions for personal interpretation, coaching and consulting. Unlimited RightFit™ PLUS packages, indexes, reports and coaching on pre-offer, post-offer, 90 day review and performance reviews are included.

The Team Productivity Package™: This is a great way to start using the Kolbe Wisdom with your team. You will receive Kolbe A Indexes for your entire team, one hour of scheduled phone consultation with you, your team, and Kolbe Certified Master Team Consultant and Kolbe Copper Circle Member Mark Hamilton. A Spreadsheet of Strengths™ and a Productivity Chart™ are provided, along with a detailed presentation that is yours to review at any time.

Please contact us for additional information, package details, and pricing.